Veyon 4.4.1

  • We're happy to announce Veyon 4.4.1, the first maintenance release of Veyon 4.4.x:

    • Core: improve multi session support
    • Core: improve worker execution and fix tray icon not being shown on startup
    • Demo: broadcast actual teacher session instead of console session when running Master within RDP session
    • LDAP: fix computer query on host name lookup error
    • Linux: don't use functions marked deprecated in Qt 5.15
    • Linux: provide package for CentOS 8
    • Linux: provide package for openSUSE 15.2
    • Linux: provide package for Ubuntu Focal (20.04)
    • NetworkObjects: update existing objects instead of adding duplicate objects when importing CSV / text file
    • NetworkObjects: output proper line endings when exporting to CSV / text file on Windows
    • Server: fix crash on connection accept error
    • Windows: make interception driver usage configurable
    • Windows: decrease server wait time when stopping service
    • Windows: update libraries (Qt 5.12.9 snapshot, libjpeg-turbo 2.0.5, QCA 2.3.1)
    • Update translations

    Find all downloads at

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