• Hello,
    Is there a way to silent install Veyon withous placing the "Veyon Master" shortcut on the desktop ?
    And where can I find the complete list of available silent install switches ?

  • I don't believe you can install it without the desktop icon showing.
    You could wrap the deployment in a script to do the cleanup.

    I can't remember the exact location of the Master on the desktop sorry (so below may not work) as I removed it previously.
    for example you can remove it from the start menu and desktop on windows 10 with a simple bat script.

    rmdir /S /Q "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Veyon"
    rmdir /S /Q "C:\Users\Public\Desktop\Veyon Master.lnk"

    Otherwise the doc is the only place I've found the install instructions for deployment

  • @ljoets It looks quite difficult for me and could not found any post resolve the query, looking for the solution as well.
    Rahul -

  • Hi,

    Maybe it is not useful to install veyon-master on every PC (only on "master" PC, where icon on desktop could make sense).
    For that, you have the "/NoMaster" switch.
    I guess, maybe there is a way to avoid icon on desktop with configuration (veyon-configurator). You can launch veyon configurator on a PC, check the right options, export this file and use it during installation with this switch :


  • @AdamP Ok thanks. I will script it by wpkg.