How to use DeskdupEngine on Windows 10 for better performance

  • When running Veyon 4.1.x on Windows 10 you can take advantage of UltraVNC's Desktop Duplication Engine which can be used by the Veyon Server. This engine gives better performance for remote control and demo mode. We're currently evaluating possibilities to integrate it in future releases so no manual installation is required.

    Until then you can manually download the latest UltraVNC release ZIP at and copy the file ddengine64.dll (64 bit) / ddengine.dll (32 bit) to the Veyon installation directory. After restarting the computer the builtin UltraVNC server will make use of the new engine. You can verify this by checking if the message "Using non driver mode" disappears from the VeyonServer log file.

  • As of Veyon 4.1.3 all required files are included in the installer so there's no need for manually downloading, extracting and copying the files any longer.