• Hi..

    I'm trying to set up Veyon in our schools.

    My plan (in my simple mind) is to:

    1. Only allow remote connection from PCs with a dedicated key
      This is to remove the possibility of someone connecting their own laptop to an existing network point, and being able monitor pupil PCs

    2. Prohibit access to Veyon Master (installed on Teacher PCs) to pupils.
      This is to remove the chance of pupils logging onto a Teacher's PC, and being able to monitor other pupil PCs.

    Part 1 - I've tried adding keys, but I was still able to access client PCs on a test teacher PC which didn't have the key installed - so I must have done something wrong! 🙂

    Part 2 - (as other posts here) our AD uses nested groups, so the built-in authentication method doesn't work properly. My plan is to just use a script to block access to the Veyon Master using built in NTFS permissions in a script.

    Is there a guide I can follow somewhere to carry out part 1? (Key file)