Veyon 4.3.5

  • We're happy to announce Veyon 4.3.5, the fourth maintenance release of Veyon 4.3.x:

    • LDAP: make SSL/LDAPS connections work properls (previously broken due to improper certificate verifications)
    • LDAP: enable additional low-level debug messages at the command line via environment variable VEYON_DEBUG_LDAP_LIBRARY
    • Update 3rdparty component libvncserver to latest 0.9.13 snapshot (including new unified connection timeout handling support)
    • Master: limit update interval to 10 seconds to prevent server timeouts
    • Windows: update libraries (Qt 5.12.8 snapshot, OpenSSL 1.1.1g)
    • Windows: update 3rdparty component UltraVNC (memory leak and other non-critical fixes)
    • Fix build with Qt >= 5.14
    • Minor code modernizations
    • Update translations

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