Veyon over Internert- Online Education in pandemic time

  • Hi all, I am new here and decided to join the community with hope to find great solution for online classes over the Internet. I am IT teacher and I need to thank Veyon for the project- its a great and so useful piece of soft.
    As You may know, there is a Covid (coronavirus) issue and many countires all over the world are affected. As you may know its a huge problem for whole society, also in educational area. I used to work with my students stationary, right now I am looking for some solution for online homeeducation.
    I would like to ask if Veyon could be suitable for this purpose- I have not found any mention of this Veyond application- I mean I have on external forums (but there were nothing in Veyon manual and on Veyon official site and blog and here the same).So on external forums there were some pure references and no completed threads about Veyon implementation for homeeducation.
    So I would like to ask the origin, how you feel it? I am rather weak with network issues, but after Veyon manual study, I thought: it could be done and maybe with usage of some VNC repeater to minimise students effort with their PC's config (I mean, with repeater there would not be a need of ports forwarding, but my network knowledge is rather weak, as mentioned, and I've got not complete sense about Veyon architecture).
    I know there is safety issue in this case of Veyon application and it could be a bit distasteful and overkill to put soft with such a deep level of ingeration to student's private devices, but for me it works right now, it is extraordinary. I appreciate any suggestions and if I've missed any thread concerning my topic, I am sorry, please point this thread for me.
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  • What does the vpn do?

  • vpn is use for other ip address at same time in a same computer

  • I currently conduct training classrooms of 30 VMs and make use of a webvpn to access the environment.

    I found if very easy in using a Fortigate Firewall that as webvpn. The reason is that there is a built-in VNC client in the firewall. People login via HTTPS to the firewall and vnc to the desktop. Then benefits are no software to be installed on end-user computer and its all encrypted.

    this could work with other brands as well. I current web vpn in HA that can handled 150 vnc connection with not issues.

  • @alfred0809 said in Veyon over Internert- Online Education in pandemic time:

    vpn is use for other ip address at same time in a same computer

    vpn is use for other ip address at same time in a same computer

  • Its possible to connect to a PC over Internet without VPN???


  • @glew_ Not possible. Maybe in Veyon 5 Release but no luck so far. Maybe ask district or Administration to either buy secure vpn that is only accessible to you.

  • use VPN, i think its better