• Is there a way to change where Veyon sends file transfers? It currently sends them to the root of the user folders (C:\Users\current_user) and I'd rather them go somewhere more user-friendly. On top of that, the software I use to distribute the received files from where they're dropped can't be set to monitor that folder for unrelated reasons (it ends up making duplicates of files in subdirectories).

    tl;dr I'd like to change where Veyon sends files. Can't figure out how.

  • We redirect our Windows shell folders to network locations; H:\Documents, H:\Pictures, H:\Desktop where H: is mapped to a user share, \servername\usersharename.

    Shell folder Documents > H:\Documents = \servername\usersharename\Documents
    Shell folder Downloads > H:\Downloads = \servername\usersharename\Downloads
    Shell folder Desktop > H:\Desktop = \servername\usersharename\Desktop
    Shell folder Pictures > H:\Pictures = \servername\usersharename\Pictures

    File transfers are sent to H:, the root of the user folder.

    To direct to a specific location we use the ‘Run program’ feature with the XCOPY command.

    xcopy M:\Faculty\teachername\Quizzes\quiz4.doc H:\Desktop

    Everyone logged in receives quiz4.doc on their desktop.

  • There should be two backslash characters before servername. Nodebb forum post formatting removed one of the backslash characters.

  • Starting with Veyon 4.5.0 the file transfer folders are configurable through the advanced view in Veyon Configurator.