• hello, I would like to send a message automatically to the student stations when the application is launched to warn them of the computer monitoring.
    do you think this is possible?

  • The docs (https://docs.veyon.io/en/latest/admin/reference.html#logging) show this:

    Show notification on remote connection
    In some environments it may be desired or even required to inform the user that his computer is being accessed remotely. This behaviour can be achieved by enabling this option. In case the user has to be asked for permission instead appropriate access control rules have to be configured. More information can be found in chapter Access control rules.

    Default: disabled

    Any help?

  • Thank you very much, I had seen this option but it seems that when veyon is already launched on the master computer, the message does not appear on the client computers when the students connect

  • FYI: Veyon 4.3.4 will show active connections in the system tray icon so users at least will be able to figure out whether the computer is being monitored/remote controlled.

  • @tobydox Can I use Veyon when my students go back to their homes and connect to different networks. Is there any options for that? Thanks

  • thanks jgordon, this guide helped me a lot

  • @Mulan9388 I think your computers need to be on the same network to monitor them. Once they leave your school, you have no access. I think this would be an invasion of privacy as well.

  • @tobydox

    I have the 'Show notification on remote connection' option selected but do not see any obvious notification displayed at the remote computer.

    Hovering over the Veyon icon will reveal active connections (two connections listed for the master computer) but there is no context option to list active connections and no icon color change that would signal the presence of an active connection.