• We're on a LAN with Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, but file transfers are very, very slow. Any other file transfers outside of Veyon are fast. Trying to figure out what the issue is and how to fix it, because it would be a very handy feature. Also, when projecting desktop to clients, videos are very, very slow as well. Can this issue be fixed? Is the stream to clients multicast rather than unicast?

  • Hello @mfuszner
    the file transfer feature has internal limits to avoid congestion, especially with many clients. It currently sends chunks of 256 KB every 25 ms, i.e. about 10 MB/s. Can you confirm similar transfer rates? We might add configuration options to configure the chunk size and send interval in the future. If this is urgent to you we can prioritize the development on a commercial base - contact support@veyon.io to discuss further details.

    The demo mode uses unicast in order to work across subnets. It's therefore not suitable for video playback.