• Happy 2020 Everyone!

    I would love to know if there are any exciting plans for Veyon this year?

  • Happy 2020!

    Here's what's planned for 2020:

    Q1: initial release of commercial addons (Internet Access Control, LDAP Pro, WebTabs)
    Q3: Veyon 5 with SSL/TLS support, modularized and new authentication methods and a new touch user interface
    Q4: Veyon for Android

  • Dear,

    will the android app bring full veyon functionallity to chromebooks?


  • Very likely only Veyon Master will run on Chromebooks. The Veyon Service for Android will only be able to access the Android sandbox and therefore does not have full access to the ChromeOS system.

  • Hey Toby,

    thanks for de clear information. Ik guess you'll have an idea of my next question now 🙂 : is a chromeOS client on the roadmap (this should be an enormous added value for schools with 1:1 chromebook projects) and if so, will a chromeOS management licence be required?